Child Support Payments

Learn About Child Support Calculations And Payments In Georgia

Child support is perhaps the top subject of interest in divorces with children. Divorcing parents, custodial and non-custodial, worry and fight over how much this may be. This page discusses the purpose of financial support for minor children, how to calculate payments, and related matters.

The Reason For Child Support Payments

The first thing to keep in mind is that child support is not a fine or penalty. Child support is simply a means through which a minor child (or children) can live in a home with a reasonable assurance of having a decent standard of living. Support for children is intended to help the custodial parent with the costs of essentials. This includes the cost of necessities such as housing, medical and dental care, clothing, and food. Unique expenses like sports fees, summer camps or education expenses should be split by the parents, above and beyond any regular support payments.

Learn How To Calculate Child Support Payments

Support calculations can be done by hand or online.Every state has its own method for calculating your support payments. Georgia has what is recognized to be a method that is among the best in terms of “fairness”. Although there is a general basis to calculate support payment amounts, the court has final authority on the amount of any support payments to be paid. For example, a special needs child would almost certainly give cause to the court to increase support monthly payment amounts.

Use the following link to access an online Georgia Child Support Calculator. This calculator is based on statutory guidelines and reasonably accurate. The accuracy of information you input obviously affects the results. There are other factors which may come in to play when reviewed by a divorce court judge. Note that the support payment calculator is not legal advice or presented as totally accurate for any particular divorce. To learn more you should contact us for a consultation with a divorce lawyer.