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What You Need To Know About Same Sex Divorce In Georgia

Sames sex divorce is a new area of law, and requires a unique approach. The GLBT community celebrated a landmark achievement in 2015 with the Supreme Court of the United States formally making same sex marriage legal. Although civil unions and same sex marriages have been legal in other countries and some U.S. states, this is new to Georgia. From a strictly legal perspective same sex marriages are fundamentally no different than heterosexual marriages. In particular, this means that there will be same sex divorces. This is where our experience can be of particular value.

A person entering into a modern divorce needs a divorce law firm that is both culturally competent and judicially competent. The Taylor Law Group fits that description. We invite you to call us to arrange for a private consultation with a same sex divorce lawyer. Before you act, take time to learn about your rights in a divorce action.

How We Get The Best For Our GLBT Clients

Firstly, the people in our firm have relatives and friends who are part of the GLBT community. We are sensitive to the unique stresses and bias that exist in a same sex relationship. In days past gay couples did not have, or need to consider the implications of, a formal process for relationship dissolution. Whereas a breakup is now more than a conscious uncoupling, people are wading into relatively unknown territory. The truth is that many times same sex couples face unique circumstances in a formal same sex divorce.

Second, we are a highly experienced family law and divorce law firm. We truly understand the human side of divorce and how it impacts both the immediate and extended circles of friends and family. Because we understand all aspects of family law we are a valuable resource for making the best of an unfortunate situation. We can help you from an initial consultation to answer your questions to the filing of your divorce decree. We can represent you for temporary custody, visitation disputes, and support disagreements. In highly emotionally charged situations we can work with the you and the Superior Court to obtain a TPO (Temporary Protective Order or Restraining Order).

Georgia Divorce Laws For Same Sex Marriage

Filing for divorce is exactly the same for any married couple, regardless of lifestyle commitments. This includes both filing contested divorces and filing uncontested divorce. Georgia divorce laws are applicable to couples who were married anywhere in the United States, even prior to the landmark Supreme Court decision.

Georgia divorce laws are among the best in the United States for assuring a fair and reasonable split of marital assets. Beyond just personal property or financial assets, the laws also provide for spousal support, child support, visitation and other highly personal aspects of divorce. It is important to know that “fair and equitable” distribution or property does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Child custody is often a strongly litigated matter. Because there are some uncertainties in the divorce process, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as you believe you may be entering into a divorce.

For People With Domestic Partnership Agreements

If you are married and have a standing Domestic Partnership Agreement there could be unforeseen legal issues. A Domestic Partnership Agreement is a binding agreement which could complicate the process of trying to exercise rights normally available in a divorce. If you have any type of agreement on cohabitation, domestic partnerships or something similar, you may benefit from having our firm review, modify or even terminate the document. Because divorce laws are longstanding and well understood it makes sense for partners to abandon previous partnership agreements.

Whether your same sex divorce is amicable or contentious, we can guide you through the process.