Learn How To Change Many Of The Terms Of Your Divorce Settlement

Divorce modifications for child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation. Divorce modifications can be a game changer! Things in life do change, and some may spur you to seek modifications to your divorce settlement agreement. Common divorce modification petitions filed are to amend the terms for child support payments, child custody or visitation, and spousal support or alimony payments.

Settlement modifications such as child custody can be difficult to have altered, while support payments may be easier to have changed when you can show a chronic hardship.

Time Requirements To File Modifications

You can file for divorce modifications shortly after your divorce decree is issued however; it would not be a smart move. Post-divorce modifications usually are not attempted until at least one to two years after the divorce is final. Moving forward you can file for divorce modifications only as soon as two years from the date of your last filing. There are three exceptions to this rule.

  1. Divorce modification is based on an involuntary loss of income
  2. Non-custodial parent has failed to exercise visitation granted in court order
  3. Non-custodial parent has exercised more visitation than granted in court order

Reasons To Request Modifications

Financial conditions are probably the most common cause for persons to file for divorce modification. Financial considerations are the key factors in child support modifications or spousal support modifications. Custody and visitation modifications have a variety of causes. The causes to file a modification range from the changing needs of the child(ren) and living conditions to physical relocation and personal conflicts in the custodial home.