Child Support in Georgia

Things to Know About Child Support in Georgia

In a divorce the splitting up of a family is perhaps the most tragic part of the process. Child support serves the interest of the child. When a family unit is broken apart the welfare of the children should be a top concern. Child support is not a punishment but instead is a way to best assure that children have the means to live a satisfactory lifestyle. The state of Georgia has a very reasonable approach to determining child support payments.

How child support is determined

The divorce court will determine the amount of child support to be paid and this varies in every case. Child support payments are court mandated according to a set process. The amount of money going to the children every month is calculated by the courts and is in line with your financial situation. These funds are paid to allow the kids to go on through life at the same rate they would have if the parents remained together and to make sure they don’t fall off from the lifestyle they have come to realize. There are ways for families to discuss and mediate over an amount and solve this issue outside of the courts. Lawyers are there to advise and take care of the legal obligations discussed and agreed upon. Click the following link to see a Georgia Child Support Calculator.

An experienced divorce lawyer can guide you through the child support negotiating process and make certain that your children’s welfare is appropriately addressed.

The proper care of your children should be an important matter no matter if you are paying or receiving child support payments. If you are already paying or receiving child support it is possible to have the amount adjusted to account for changes in income. You can contact a divorce lawyer to discuss a child support modification to learn more about your options for paying child support in Georgia.