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How Can You Prove Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe, caring place for elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and elder abuse is a growing concern in many states, Georgia included. Proving elder abuse in a nursing home may be difficult for less-aware seniors, but there are ways to prove it for criminal and civil […]

What Does an Elder Care Attorney Do? 

The Taylor Law Group, P.C. specializes in family law during lifespan. Managing the complexities of aging relatives, like that of children, requires specific knowledge and experience. Working with an elder care attorney can help you protect your loved one by maximizing protections for peace of mind. Elder care attorneys work in four primary areas: Living […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Marital Property

Managing marital property can easily become one of the most complex pieces of a divorce settlement.  This is true even with only moderate assets. For some couples, dividing marital property during a divorce is simplified due to a prenuptial agreement or state law. For others going through a divorce, division of property is a difficult […]

What Do You Need in a Living Will?

Living wills, also known as advanced directives, are documents that determine end-of-life care if an individual is unable to communicate their wishes or desires. These differ from a last will and testament that leaves property to loved ones. Establishing a living will is an important piece of estate planning and will guide family members and […]

How to Keep from “BLOWING UP” Your Case
(and Hurting Your Children)

Divorce affects more than you and your spouse. It affects parents, siblings, and most importantly, your children. Divorce is difficult for children of any age, and it can open up tricky emotions, difficult conversations, and complex behavioral challenges.  Children often manifest the stress they feel in behavioral ways; from distraction to crying, depression to inappropriate […]

10 Things To Not Do During Divorce

  Do Not Do These Things Good divorce tips can keep you from making serious mistakes. After your decision to divorce, you are more than likely riddled with an overwhelming assortment of emotions. You might feel disrespected, abandoned, slighted, cheated, and a whole other hodgepodge of emotions that can leave you feeling restless, spiteful and […]

Top 10 Things To Do During A Divorce

Do Theese 10 Things All divorce tips are not good. There are divorce tips which can help you win when you and your spouse have called it quits. One of you has moved out of the family home, and you have divided up most, if not all, of your personal belongings. You have decided on […]

Child Support in Georgia

Things to Know About Child Support in Georgia In a divorce the splitting up of a family is perhaps the most tragic part of the process. Child support serves the interest of the child. When a family unit is broken apart the welfare of the children should be a top concern. Child support is not […]

Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

Tips on Hiring an Adoption Lawyer Which lawyer you hire is an important decision Adopt! You’ve made one of the most important decisions of your life. You want to adopt a child. You know in your heart that you will raise and love this child as your own. You are financially, mentally and physically ready […]