What Does an Elder Care Attorney Do? 

The Taylor Law Group, P.C. specializes in family law during lifespan. Managing the complexities of aging relatives, like that of children, requires specific knowledge and experience. Working with an elder care attorney can help you protect your loved one by maximizing protections for peace of mind.

Elder care attorneys work in four primary areas:

  • Living wills & advanced directives
  • Guardianship
  • Financial representation
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect claims

Why a Living Will & Advanced Directives Documents are Important


Livings wills, also known as advanced directives, are documents important for all adults, but particularly for seniors. These documents determine a loved one’s wishes if they are ever not able to express them, including medical decisions in the event of declining health or emergency.

Elder care attorneys help elders and their families make the best decision for any situation involving a loved one who cannot for themselves. These decisions include who should hold power of attorney, long-term planning, and your loved one’s wishes and desires should they be in a medically fragile situation.

When looking for an elder care attorney, make sure they have experience in this area and that they take your specific needs into consideration when guiding you or your elder family member through the process.


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What is Guardianship?

An elder care attorney can establish guardianship over the person and conservatorship over the property if an elderly loved one is determined to be incapacitated by an acute condition or chronic health concern. Guardians have a number of responsibilities, so choosing the right guardian is essential. These responsibilities include living arrangements, health decisions, and financial considerations, in addition to planning recreation activities and social contact.

The right elder care attorney for your family will be one that not only helps complete the required legalities, but also guides you in making the best decision for the elder and your family with compassion and dignity for your loved one and family.


Do You Need Financial Representation?

Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to identity theft and financial abuse. An elder care attorney can act either as a financial representation to help protect an elder’s assets, or can help you establish representation by you for your loved one, as well as provide litigation services in the event that financial abuse occurs.

Financial representation may also include estate planning, gift tax matters, and housing planning. Hiring an elder care attorney can be a valued investment, especially if the elder’s assets are significant. With their direction, elders and their families can make the best decisions for their unique situation without the added stress experienced during a health concern.


Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect Claims

Navigating the legal system after a nursing home abuse or neglect claim is difficult. Elder care attorneys work with the elders and their families to ensure that they get the settlement they deserve and that the nursing home is held responsible for the physical, psychological and emotional injury caused by the home’s negligence.

Finding the right elder care attorney should be taken seriously. You want someone who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a history of successful litigation if your case needs to go to court.

Clarence O. Taylor, Your Marietta Elder Care Lawyer

Elder care law seeks to protect aging loved ones from abuse, neglect, and financial difficulties, and preparing now can help improve your elderly family members’ lives later. Hiring an elder care attorney is an important decision, and needs to be carefully considered. To talk with Clarence about your family’s needs, call us at (678) 738-0056. We answer the phone 24/7 and are here to help.