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10 Things To Not Do During Divorce

  Do Not Do These Things Good divorce tips can keep you from making serious mistakes. After your decision to divorce, you are more than likely riddled with an overwhelming assortment of emotions. You might feel disrespected, abandoned, slighted, cheated, and a whole other hodgepodge of emotions that can leave you feeling restless, spiteful and […]

Top 10 Things To Do During A Divorce

Do Theese 10 Things All divorce tips are not good. There are divorce tips which can help you win when you and your spouse have called it quits. One of you has moved out of the family home, and you have divided up most, if not all, of your personal belongings. You have decided on […]

Child Support in Georgia

Things to Know About Child Support in Georgia In a divorce the splitting up of a family is perhaps the most tragic part of the process. Child support serves the interest of the child. When a family unit is broken apart the welfare of the children should be a top concern. Child support is not […]

Hiring an Adoption Lawyer

Tips on Hiring an Adoption Lawyer Which lawyer you hire is an important decision Adopt! You’ve made one of the most important decisions of your life. You want to adopt a child. You know in your heart that you will raise and love this child as your own. You are financially, mentally and physically ready […]

Filing Divorce in Georgia

Divorce 101 How to file divorce in Georgia Filing divorce in Georgia is not necessarily complicated; however making mistakes in a self-managed divorce process is easy. In the state of Georgia individuals may file for divorce without an attorney; however this is very rarely a good idea. While the primary objective, dissolution of a marriage, may […]