Filing Divorce in Georgia

Divorce 101

How to file divorce in Georgia

Filing divorce in Georgia is not necessarily complicated; however making mistakes in a self-managed divorce process is easy. In the state of Georgia individuals may file for divorce without an attorney; however this is very rarely a good idea. While the primary objective, dissolution of a marriage, may seem as simple it is always more complicated than first thought. Even if the divorce is amicable each party taking their possessions and going their separate ways requires a formal settlement. If children are involved their are parenting plans, parenting classes and other items that need to be managed. The process is best managed by an experienced divorce law firm, and it does not necessarily have to be expensive.

Filing divorce in Georgia starts by filing the appropriate papers in the Superior Court. Once filed there is a formal process which can take anywhere from about six weeks to several years to be finalized. It is possible for a divorce to be finalized in as little as 31 days however; this is far from typical.

About The Divorce Process

You begin by developing a formal “complaint” which describes your your particular situation and reasons for filing divorce. The Complaint will be used for the court to serve formal papers on your spouse.

If you and your spouse have reached agreement on the terms of your separation the court can grant your final divorce decree in about six weeks. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement the process will take considerably longer. In Georgia mediation is a recommended manner to resolve differences and minimize emotional conflicts while negotiating your settlement.

Items that can complicate your case are child custody, spousal support equitable division of property and related matters. To learn more about filing divorce in Georgia and your rights in a divorce you should at least consult with an attorney. The decisions and agreements you make are almost permanent so you should be prudent in how you approach your divorce. Hiring a competent and experienced divorce attorney is always a good idea. More information is available on our website and the state of Georgia offers information on filing for divorce.